Marriage Boot Camp Academy®️ is for every couple wanting to listen without judgment, talk without criticism, and regain their connection.



It's deeper than dating!!!

It's healing, It's strategy, It's growth

Looking for love online is hard work. We get it! You are flooded with options, but in the end, it feels like you are choosing from a barrel of fish.

Here's The Problem


  • You want a strategy. You know you're the BOMB but you're still single. You know there has to be a better way and you are tired of feeling frustrated!

  • You are tired of meeting great potentials but wasting your trying to figure out if you are compatible

  • You're tired of feeling like you're fumbling in the dark while trying to date. Especially with online dating.

  • You chose to focus on your business/career, but you know you are ready to date.

  • You feel like you're tossing a coin and hoping for a date with the right one that will stick.

  • You're stuck in dead-end relationships, worried about spending your life with the wrong person. Just because you settled.

  • You're tired of being shy or uncomfortable around other singles and afraid of rejection.

  • You want to try something different because you DO NOT subscribe to the "I don't need a man" OR the "I am waiting on GOD to show me a sign" tribe

  • You suffer from lack of confidence and fear of rejection in social situations. You may have even experienced date anxiety.

  • You just can't get a date. You don't understand why you can't seem to hold their attention for more than 5 minutes, or get past the first DM.

  • You want a new perspective and desire to be surrounded by examples of healthy relationships.


Here's The Solution

Your love life needs a bit of a ‘pick-me-up, AND Powermate® Prep Group Coaching is the place for you.

What Is Powermate® Prep Group Coaching?

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Powermate® Prep Group Coaching is our 12-week coaching program designed for single professionals. We hold you by the hand and support you in dating, gaining confidence, and developing social skills. We use the latest in experiential learning techniques, to re-program you for success while making your dating journey fun. We guide you through your customized Powermate® game plan so you make the right dating decisions to positively transform your love life. All you need to prepare for the relationship you want is right here.

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AND, If you go V.I.P. you get to join us on Powermate® Takeover, our Luxury V.I.P. Trip. This is where the ELITE daters who are ready for love go to expedite their progress. You will meet eligible singles in person, in a deliberate and discreet location, to put into practice what you've been learning. You will also have the LIVE in-person help of your coaches to guide you through the process ALL WEEKEND!!!!



  • Unbiased Guidance From Our Experts and NOT Friends & Family

This provides the double benefit of allowing you to divulge guilt-free details you need to share in a completely open and honest environment. Our goal is simply to see you getting the results you want, with no other agendas.

  • Personalized strategy and skills to know how and where to meet new compatible people

Our dating coaches help you develop new ideas for places to meet eligible singles based on your interests, habits, and available free time.

  • Help With Your Conversation Skills

We teach you how to have amazing conversations from the initial attraction to navigating communication after the match.

  • Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is sexy, and oftentimes, insecurity is what holds singles back and keeps them in their comfort zone. Our coaches help you find reasonable ways to break free from your usual choices.

  • Understand The Right & Wrong Things To Look For

Our coaches work as your guide, no matter what stage you are at. We help you realize the important qualities you didn't know to look for in potential Powermate®.

  • Go from hurt to healthy

Our coaches will help you move past triggers from past hurts even when you believe you’re completely healed from the pain of old emotions that resurface.

  • Exclusive accountability group
  • Guided challenges to get you the dating results you are looking for
  • On-Demand access to the Powermate® DIY Training Portal

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When You Join Today You Also Get These Bonuses:


The Powermate Hotline

(60-day access $750 value)


The Powermate® Hotline is a revolutionary and proprietary on-demand service that will give you access to a dating coach every single day.

This BONUS is literally like having your dating coach with you wherever you go.

You will receive coaching in real-time and on-demand whether you are getting ready to go on a date, on a date and need help with what to do next, or you want help to let the date go easy.

We’ll guide you through crafting the perfect message which will increase your efficiency and results.


Dating Power Hour

($250 value per session)


Is it possible to be ready for great dates in just 60 minutes? YES! If you decide to focus on doing the right things first and in a dedicated time. This powerful BONUS will teach you how to IDENTIFY the right people to connect with in REAL TIME, so you can meet, begin to communicate, and go on more dates each month.


Online Dating Profile Overhaul

($197 value)


The Powermate® Online Profile Overhaul is a comprehensive re-construct of your dating profile that offers a detailed analysis and feedback of your dating profile to help increase the chances of finding the best people for you to date. Your newly improved profile will be a convenient and fun way to explore your dating options online!


Complimentary Access To Powermate® Loveshops

($250 value per class)


Our Powermate® Loveshops are themed Masterclasses based on LOVE designed to help you improve your dating experience so that you can meet your relationship goals.

You will receive complimentary access to the Loveshop as long as you are an active Powermate® Prep Group Coaching member!


Coaching Only Value: $5,000


A Carefully-Designed Process to

Restore Your Love Life

Focused for connection image

Focused on Connection

Every drill in the course is designed to bring you closer to your Powermate®. Where there is connection, anything is possible.

Structured for Safety

By taking time to learn the right strategies, our structured lessons foster mutual respect, connection, and emotional safety.

Backed by Research

We use time-tested techniques supported by neuroscience and decades of experiential research.

Simple & Practical Tools

Each exercise is quick, straightforward, and easy to follow. And you can go back and use them any time. 

Any Type of Conflict

Our methods have been successfully used in every leading cause of conflict in relationships.

From single TO dating TO exclusive

Whether you are new to dating, re-entering the market, or even considering marriage–this course will benefit you. 

Best of all, you can get results the day you start the course!

Change Begins With A Choice

 There's nothing else you can buy for such a low cost that can benefit your love life and restore hope, connection, and confidence the way Powermate® Prep Group Coaching can. Don't wait...

Make the choice to get started now!

  • Proven methods: Get the tools that have helped countless singles achieve a happy and healthy relationship.
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional matchmaking: Trade months of wasting time and money dating the wrong people for an effective and affordable group coaching experience.
  • 24/7 access to resources: Log in any time and learn. No appointments are ever needed.



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